Commissions are done on a limited basis and require either a deposit* or payment up front depending on the piece.

Payment plan** options may be arranged to suit your budget.

Dead Girlify
I'll turn your likeness into an unofficial Dead Girl Society member.

Pricing starts at $75

20% non-refundable deposit required.
Digital Portrait
I'll complete a your singular likeness in a digital painting and email you files.

Starting at $40usd for one face.
Charcoal Portrait
A custom charcoal portrait on an 11"x14" paper.

Starting at $150usd

$30usd non-refundable deposit required.
Be it in charcoal or on canvas as depicted, let your feminine beauty shine and expressed for all its artistic beauty.

$150 for 11x14 charcoal

Canvas painting prices starts at $150

20% deposit required.

Layaway plans available.
Poppy bright colors and fantastical arrangements. Turn yourself into a superhero or a reimagined classic artwork. The possibilities are endless.

Pricing starts at $150

20% deposit required.
Custom Request
I get requests often for pieces similar to my 'Introverted Mutiny' series of bone and flesh.

These are done with acrylic and gouache on canvas or possibly on paper.

Pricing starting at $350

20% deposit required.
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Pricing generally depends on the size and media used to create your custom piece.

Click on images for rough estimations 

*deposit will be 20% of the total cost

**payment plans worked out to be paid in 4-5 monthly installments (unless otherwise discussed). Finished piece will only be delivered upon completion of payment.

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