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Dead Girl Society is my own claim to a loud and unapologetic feminist social fight club. With bold colors and grunge/punkish themes that encapsulate and satirize traditional forms of femininity, pop culture, and myself. 

Launching with three flagship girls in spring 2020, I hope to expand this series to various forms of wearable gear, empower women (TERFs need not apply), and eventually succeed in my plans of global domination.


Coming eventually

At some point, I will add a real synopsis here. For now, just imagine, demons and swords and fire and stuff. A sprinkle of forbidden love. A pinch of sarcasm. And likely several bottles of rum.

About me

An Oregonian Girl Living in a Self-Created World

Art is life. A breath of oxygen to drowning lungs. A shelter for a storm-ridden mind.

Art is connection. Separated by endless distances and swells of time. It is that hand, that heart, that whisper in the ear saying, "Me too. I feel that thing, too. You are not alone."

Stories are art. And in that art we create entire universes. Alter egos. New laws of physics. Worlds where the demons we carry within us can be battled and slain. Or--those demons released. Their toxins wept from our minds through the tips of our fingers.

In my stories, I am a warrior. A badass sword-wielding pirating mermaid who never gives up. In the real world, I'm an introvert, wielding anxiety and awkward quips. I'm a mom. But so much more than that. 

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©2020 by Amanda Stockton

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