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Mission Statement

Who We Are

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As an artist and fantasy author, my mission is to create works that inspire and empower individuals on their healing journey. Through my storytelling, I seek to uplift marginalized communities and ignite activism towards social justice. The power of imagination and creativity lies within us all, and my goal is to tap into that potential to create stories that not only entertain, but also promote empathy, compassion, and understanding. My art and writing are my tools for change and I am dedicated to using them to make a positive impact on the world.

Current Projects

What's Happening

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Who Am I To Argue?

This latest art series utilizes bold color and expresive figures to communicate a resilient healing journey, finding beauty in the darkness, transformation and the persistence of growth. "Who Am I To Argue" depicts women in ski masks in an unapologetic approach to unspoken trauma and the task of neurodivergent unmasking, with the goal of empowerment and the freedom of release when you're seen and not merely looked at.

To those who wander the woods alone, be wary of all things magical under the moon. From werewolves to vampires, fairies and spirits, even the rumblings of dragons. Take to heart what warnings you can from these six grim tales. Mashup retellings of… Cinderella Red Riding Hood The Fox and the Wolf Rumplestilskin The Tailor The Fairy Tree of Dooros The Juniper Tree The Crows Fowler’s Fowl Wizard of Oz The Crucible Releases August 31, 2023

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